- Jul 05, 2018-

    DMC China international mould technology and equipment exhibition is jointly organized by China mould industry association and Shanghai international exhibition co., LTD., which is affiliated to Shanghai international trade promotion committee.Collection organizer of high quality resources, hand in hand through 30 years of development, formed the Gregorian calendar by double years "China international exhibition on die & mould technology and equipment" and "Gregorian calendar single year by thematic exhibition to display industry hot of the international mold technology, equipment, product development pattern of exhibition.Since its establishment in 1986, it has become the world's largest professional mould exhibition.In 1996, DMC became the first ufi-certified exhibition in Shanghai, and has been included in China's ministry of commerce to guide and support the exhibition since 2014.

    Mould is an important basic technological equipment in industrial production and has the title of "mother of industry".More than 90% of auto, consumer electronics, home appliances and other products (more than 95% of cars) are made from molds.According to 2014 statistics, 210 billion die support 23 trillion products manufacturing, mold industry for the national economy to create a large number of consumer products, mold industry transformation and upgrading to the supply side of the our country reform and the transformation and upgrading of consumer products play a positive role.

    DMC China international exhibition on precision mould and parts manufacturing, mold molding technology and equipment as the core, the collection of metal-cutting machine tools and special processing equipment, stamping equipment and plastic machinery, 3 d material manufacturing technology, CAD/CAM/CAE integration and information technology, the extension covers precision machining and measuring, mould parts, tools and materials.DMC China international mould exhibition is the only international equipment manufacturing exhibition organized by China mould association to promote technological progress, market development and economic cooperation in the field of mould forming.DMC's progress and development, technology exchange and economic cooperation of the enterprise, equipment procurement, market development, and promote trade play an important role in such aspects, the development of mould industry in China, the progress made important contributions.

To expand the authority of the exhibition, expanding influence, build more abundant communication stage, each session during the exhibition are held more than international technical report, BBS, technology exchange meeting.Held BBS, BBS, FADMA annual meeting and other international conferences of high specifications.Meeting held activities focus on upstream and downstream industries docking, ccpit, had been held for two consecutive years BOSCH China purchasing this year will also be a Chinese mould and mould parts match will international mining, set up for mould intelligent manufacturing and related industry, trade, procurement, the stage of technical communication to push the technological progress and development of mould industry.

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