High-end Market Rate Of Less Than 60%

- Nov 23, 2016-

Production and increasing demand, higher demands on mould manufacturing. China mold manufacturing is currently based on accelerating technology research and development to meet the market demand.

China's cheap labor cost advantage and overall good momentum of sustained and rapid economic development, China's mold industry with good development prospects, by 2018, China will become one of the world's largest mould manufacturing base.

Years years mold industry constantly progress, prompted China emerged out a large number of leading enterprise, as car cover pieces mold has "four everyone", mold industry has has more than 100 more than enterprise was grant "China focus backbone mold enterprise" title; in industry layout Shang, China mold industry is from more developed of beads triangle, and long triangle area to mainland and North extended, appeared has some new of mold production more concentrated of area. More important is that the mold industry in China is not only huge, and grades are more and more rich, large, sophisticated, complex, long life molds high proportion die represented over 35%.

But the overall level of mould industry still lags behind the international advanced level, die output still can not meet the market demand, made molds meet on market rate of less than 80%. especially the high-end mold of mold with high technical content, satisfied rate of less than 60%.

China's mold industry will vigorously develop advanced science and technology, widen the scope of application of technology, advanced technology into a mold of productivity in a timely manner, to meet the growing market demand for molds, for China's rapid economic development and growth.

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