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- May 24, 2017-

Home Applicances & Electronics Home appliances can be seen everywhere in life, home appliances has become an indispensable part of people's lives, it brings a lot of convenience for our lives. We are attached to the fun and enjoyment of the life they bring to us. So we also pay attention to the quality of home appliances.

So how to buy home appliances? The following for everyone to provide home appliances purchase skills, for reference only!

First, the washing machine to buy

1, washing degree and wear rate. Washing machine simulation hand rubbing, washing uniformity, low wear rate, the clothes are not easy to wrap; Washing machine Washing machine than the drum washing machine 10% higher, the natural wear rate than the drum washing machine 10% higher. In terms of washing degree,Home Applicances & Electronics the washing ratio of the pulsator washing machine and the drum washing machine is larger than 0.70, the wear rate of the pulley washing machine is less than 0.15%, and the drum washing machine is less than 0.10%.

2, power consumption and water consumption. Drum washing machine washing power is generally about 200 watts, if the water temperature to 60 degrees Celsius, the general wash clothes should be more than l00 minutes, power consumption at 1.5 degrees. In contrast, pulsator washing machine power is generally about 400 watts, washing clothes up to only 40 minutes. In the amount of water,Home Applicances & Electronics the drum washing machine is about 40% to 50% of Washing Machine.

3, noise and failure rate is low. General noise small washing machine, are used DC direct current brushless motor direct drive, effectively prevent the noise generated,Home Applicances & Electronics remove the traditional washing machine due to mechanical rotation caused by noise, and more than 50% of the use of AC motor. In general, the lower the noise, the longer the trouble-free operation, the better the quality of the washing machine.

4, elected 3C certification brand-name products. When purchasing a washing machine, first check whether the product has passed 3C certification, access to certified products body or packaging should be 3C certification words. When purchasing, you should check whether there is a production license issued by the state, the name of the factory, the date of the factory, the product certificate,Home Applicances & Electronics the number of the inspector, and the drawing manual, the after-sales credit card, the repair station address and the telephone number.

5, the appearance of the shell process inspection. Observe the whole body of the paint is bright and shiny; doors and windows are transparent and clear; functional selection and the flexibility of the knob; door seal rubber is flexible, such as lack of flexibility, may cause water leakage from the door.

Second, air conditioning purchase

1, first consider the cooling capacity, air conditioning output power, must be based on the size of the room to choose, in order to ensure the cooling effect.

2, Home Applicances & Electronics frequency converter and fixed speed machine: the working principle of the inverter, the compressor is always started non-stop, through different speed to output different sizes of cold / heat, fixed speed machine is a constant output cold / heat, Machine start and stop to control the temperature. So the biggest feature of the inverter, one is silent, no compressor start and stop the mechanical noise,Home Applicances & Electronics the second is the temperature control can be accurate to 0.5 degrees, while the speed control is 2 degrees, so the frequency converter is particularly suitable for the bedroom use. As the inverter price is expensive, other rooms are selected according to economic conditions. On the frequency of the inverter,Home Applicances & Electronics inverter and fixed speed machine mode of operation is different, can not absolutely compare energy-saving, frequency converter to use a long time to reflect the energy saving, energy efficiency is only one of the reference factors to select the inverter, not the most important the elements of. Energy efficiency ratio of low-frequency inverter is not as high as the high-speed fixed-line energy-saving.

3, energy efficiency ratio: air conditioning energy-saving, look at the machine model marked the last number. Energy efficiency ratio = cooling capacity / input power,Home Applicances & Electronics the same cooling capacity of the machine, energy efficiency level higher and more energy-saving, which energy efficiency of a machine the most energy-efficient, but the price is also the most expensive, from the cost point of view, usually buy 2 more moderate The

Third, the refrigerator to buy

1, see the capacity: the family to about 220 liters is appropriate, according to the habit of election big election small.

2, power consumption: the current market sales of refrigerators are affixed with energy-saving logo, energy-saving mark in five, one for the most energy-efficient.

3, the freezing capacity: the greater the ability of refrigerators frozen, frozen food faster, the better the preservation effect.

4, to see energy-saving logo. The lower the energy saving label, the lower the energy saving. At present the most energy efficient is the European A + + standard.

Fourth, TV purchase

1, brightness: LCD TV in the white screen can be reached under the maximum brightness;

2, dynamic contrast ratio: Contrast is a direct reflection of the LCD TV can reflect the rich parameters of the color level, the higher the contrast, restore the screen layer of the better, the higher the sharpness of the image, the image will be more clear. If the contrast is not enough,Home Applicances & Electronics the picture will appear dim, lack of expression. For the LCD TV is concerned, the common contrast nominal value is also divided into two kinds of original contrast and dynamic contrast, the general dynamic contrast value is the original contrast value of 3-8 times.

3, resolution: resolution is related to the panel display image format of the important indicators. Usually we refer to the resolution refers to the physical resolution of the panel, that is, the screen shows the number of points, horizontal and vertical pixel values, this value determines the LCD screen clarity.

4, the response speed: the response time is too long, which will cause the screen to play when the screen appears smear phenomenon, in the purchase of LCD TV, the response time has become an important indicator. The current mainstream LCD panels have reached 8ms or even higher.

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