Home Applicances & Electronics To Ensure That Insulation, Cooling Measures

- Oct 27, 2017-

Many residents of Home Applicances & Electronics even if not, are often in the boot state, such as drinking fountains, TV set-top boxes, air conditioning and other electrical appliances. There are TV, often with a remote control off, rarely turn off the set-top box power.

1. Before going to bed or no one at home, to advance the water dispenser power plug or turn off the power. Household electrical appliances and fuse selection must meet the requirements, and the installation of leakage protection, electrical equipment should pay attention to regular checks.

2. TV continuous TV 4-5 hours to shut down for a while, especially the high temperature of the season. Outdoor antenna to have lightning protection devices and grounding facilities,Home Applicances & Electronics with outdoor antenna thunderstorm days do not open TV. Do not turn off the power when watching TV.

3. Do not let the washing machine motor water short circuit, not because of clothing or hard objects caught the motor caused by boring machine caused by fever and fire. Refrigerator refrigerator radiator temperature is very high, do not put flammable items in the back of the refrigerator. Do not use water to wash the refrigerator,Home Applicances & Electronics so as not to short-circuit ignition refrigerator components.

4. Do not fold the electric mattress to avoid damage to the wire insulation, causing a short circuit to cause a fire. Do not use electric blankets for a long time, to leave when the power to avoid overheating fire. Air conditioning should be installed protective devices, such as fuse protector, in case of failure, the fuse will cut off the power. If the Home Applicances & Electronics often need frequent switch, you can replace the controllable socket, when not in use can be closed.

5. Lamps of the switches, sockets, lighting appliances close to combustible materials, should ensure that insulation, cooling measures. Do not put lighting fixtures on the bedding when reading at night.

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