Home Applicances To Ensure Good Machine Performance

- Jun 16, 2017-

Home Applicances maintenance: TV set a day machine

Now every family has a basic TV sets, and television are more and more intelligent, and a family sitting in front of the TV to watch the program to share the grandchildren. But with the popularity of computers and smart phones, many people in the home TV number less and less open, if you encounter wet weather, long time do not use the TV is easy to suffer from "rheumatism", especially wall TV is too close Wall, more vulnerable to moisture.

When the weather is wet, the easiest way to maintain the TV is to start the machine every day 3 to 4 hours, the heat generated by the TV will be able to resolve the moisture in the air to ensure that the machine performance is good, or let the TV into the standby state, this time in working condition The parts will be scattered heat, to disperse the body of the moisture.

2 home appliances maintenance: computer wet days do not boot

Computer is not the same as the TV, the weather is not the best time to start running, because too much will make the computer internal line short circuit, resulting in machine failure.

When not in use, it is best to put a desktop computer with a dustproof, special computer cover, do not let the host and monitor exposed to the air. In addition, for the need to carry out when the laptop, in the air and rainy season must be placed in the portable soft bag.

3 Home Applicances maintenance: microwave oven ventilation

Wet weather should also pay attention to the protection of microwave ovens, so as not to leave all hidden dangers. Microwave ovens should be placed in a well ventilated and waterproof location, it is best to ensure that the back of the microwave from the wall is not less than 10 cm and the top of not less than 5 cm of space, so not only can prevent the wall back tide, but also conducive to use Exhaust heat.

Home Applicances maintenance: washing machine is also afraid of wet

Washing machine actually afraid of wet? Yes, do not look at the washing machine as a whole deal with the water, in fact, it will suffer from "rheumatism." Most of the current washing machines use integrated circuits to control the laundry process. Some high-end models also feature induction devices that work in a humid environment. In the southerly days, there are a few examples of maintenance due to moisture damage to the washing machine The

In conditional circumstances, the washing machine as far as possible not placed in the bathroom and other places where water vapor. It is best to be placed in the pad on the platform, in the rainy days also need to use waterproof or absorbent strong cover. In addition,Home Applicances its electronic control components should be avoided by the water wet, when the failure should immediately stop using, and ask the professional home repair.

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