Home Applicances Use And Maintenance

- Jun 05, 2017-

With the improvement of living conditions, more and moreHome Applicances into the homes of ordinary people, home appliances to bring comfort to people at the same time, but also brought the danger. We useHome Applicances, if used and improper maintenance, in addition to an electric shock accident, but also a fire accident, how to safely useHome Applicances to prevent the occurrence of fire accidents? Introduce eight kinds of commonHome Applicances fire prevention methods, For reference.

One, microwave oven

(1) bogey use of closed containers: heating liquid should be used in a wide container, because in a closed container of food heating heat is not easy to distribute, so that the container pressure is too high, easy to cause blasting accident. Even in the decoction of shell food, but also in advance with a needle or chopsticks shell pierced, so as not to cause a burst after heating, splashing dirty furnace wall, or spilled wounding.

(2) avoid fried food: due to high temperature oil splash will lead to fire. If accidentally caused the furnace fire, should not open the door, but should first turn off the power, to be extinguished after the fire and then open the door to cool.

(3) bogey for a long time before the microwave oven work: open the micro-furnace, people should stay away from the microwave oven or at least 1 meter away from the microwave oven.

(4) eggs with shell, sealed with food can not be directly cooked. So as not to explode.

(5) The furnace should always be kept clean. After disconnecting the power supply, use a damp cloth and wipe with a neutral detergent, do not rinse, do not let the water flow into the furnace electrical appliances.

Second, electric mattress

(1) see if the voltage used is the same as the voltage of the home power supply.

(2) Do not wet the mattress, or likely to cause leakage.

(3) to avoid breaking the electric wire, to prevent short circuit.

(4) power can not be too long.

(5) ordinary type electric mattress and other hot water heaters and other co-share at the same time, in order to avoid local overheating.

(6) after the use of electric mattress to unplug the power plug.

Third, the fan

(1) continuous working hours should not be too long, as far as possible the use of interval. You must remove the power plug when you stop using it.

(2) Do not allow water or metal objects into the fan to prevent short-circuit ignition.

(3) regularly in the oil hole by adding oil or sewing machine oil, to maintain lubrication, to avoid motor heat. Remove the dirt from the casing.

(4) found that large power consumption or shell temperature increases and other abnormal circumstances, to timely maintenance.

(5) abnormal sound, smoke, with Jiao Wei, shell with Ma and other phenomena, should quickly take power outage measures.

Four, air conditioner

(1) air conditioner before starting, should see whether the screw loosening, fan displacement and other foreign body, in a timely manner to prevent accidents.

(2) the air conditioner should be installed protective devices (such as thermal fuse protection, etc.), in case of failure, the fuse off the power off.

(3) the use of air conditioners, air conditioning should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of operation.

(4) air conditioners and wires should be left with sufficient margin, and select the appropriate power fuse, once overload, can cut off the power in time.

(5) air conditioner must be grounded or connected to zero protection, thermal insulation resistance of not less than 2MΩ can be used, the closed seal of the compressor should be through the pressure and insulation test, to prevent spill caused by cold oil.

(6) air conditioners should not be stacked around the flammable items, curtains can not ride in the window air conditioner.

(7) air conditioner should be under the strict supervision of the owner to run, people leave, should be shut off power. That is, with the remote control device of the air conditioner, and do not use in the case of a long time no one.

Five, iron

(1) the use of electric iron should be so-so, careless ideas, can not be discharged iron, electric iron after the staff can not leave.

(2) iron is not completely cooling can not rush to the collection. Even if the power failure must also cut off all the power (because once the call that may cause a fire).

(3) put the iron pad not only have a considerable thickness (with non-combustible material), and should be away from all the combustibles, because the experiment proved 4cm red brick heat 14O minutes, brick back up to 420 ℃; 0.8cm steel And 1.5cm asbestos board in the heat 90,68 minutes after the back of the temperature up to 280 degrees Celsius, such a temperature has reached the general fabric of the ignition.

(4) according to the instructions required to install, connect, power supply voltage to meet the requirements. Power supply lines and iron lead wire to have enough cross-section, to prevent overcharge.

Six, TV sets

(1) the TV should be placed in a well ventilated place, do not put in the cabinet, kitchen, if you want to put in the cabinet, kitchen, the cabinet, the kitchen should be more holes (especially the TV cooling holes corresponding parts ), To benefit the wind heat.

(2) Do not touch the TV near the stove, the heating tube. Continuous viewing time should not be too long, the general continuous viewing 4-5 hours after the shutdown should be a period of time, especially in the hot season should not watch for a long time.

(3) the power supply voltage to normal, after watching the TV, to cut off the power.

(4) TV should be placed in a dry place, in the rainy season, should pay attention to the TV moisture, the TV if long-term use, to use a few hours from time to time. The TV is in use to prevent the liquid from entering the TV.

(5) outdoor antenna or shared antenna to have lightning protection facilities. Lightning arrester should have a good grounding, thunderstorm days do not have outdoor antenna.

(6) the TV smoke or hair staring, to immediately shut down. If the TV fire, you should first unplug the power plug, cut off the power, with a dry powder fire extinguisher, no fire extinguisher, available quilts, cotton blankets will be covered on the TV, isolated air, choking fire. Should not be used to pour water, because the TV at this time the temperature is higher, the CRT suddenly cold will explode.

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