Home Applicances With More Attention When Used

- Jul 06, 2017-

Home Applicances Some people feel strange washing machine also used to wash it? Yes, the washing machine should also be cleaned regularly. Because the home washing machine looks very clean, it is not true, because the washing machine is divided into the inner tube and the outer tube, that is, the washing tube also set a tube, the laundry process, the laundry between the two drums back and forth After washing, when you remove the laundry sleeve, you will see the dirt on the inside of the sleeve is very serious.

The dirt on the casing of the washing machine is made up of scale, detergent powder, clothes cellulose, body organic matter and dusty bacteria on clothes. After the breeding and fermentation, these dirt will cause secondary pollution to the washed clothes. Affecting human health. So that the family washing machine to regular cleaning, and effective disinfection. Under normal circumstances, the newly purchased washing machine in the use of six months later,Home Applicances every two to three months should be a cleaning and disinfection. Especially the water-saving side of the door washing machine, dirt formation than the top of the door is more serious, so the cleaning should be more frequent and timely.

Rice cooker is a larger power of electrical appliances, and other household appliances, when the plug is not good to play the spark, arc, power cord insulation caused by short circuit damage, and other electrical sharing circuit overload, are likely to cause a fire. Rice cooker also has its own characteristics: due to prolonged power, the water is dry, the temperature control device is easy to burn out; when the bottom of the liner and the hot plate with debris, the two can not be fully consistent, Control device burned, causing the hot plate temperature to continue to rise, causing a fire.


The use of rice cookers in addition to maintaining a good power supply and take the necessary security measures, but also pay attention to two points:

To keep the bottom of the liner and the hot plate clean and clean, do not attach water, dust, rice, debris and so on.

Use or power outage when the plug unplugged to prevent the loss of temperature control devices and lead to fire.

What are the fire hazards of using electric stoves?

Commonly used electric furnace can be divided into open, semi-enclosed (such as quartz heating furnace), fully enclosed (electric oil) and other three. Although a variety of electric furnace power, in the form of different, but the same structure, have a spiral of the resistance wire, and power, the temperature can reach 700-1100 ℃, or even higher. Therefore, the use of electric stove has the following fire hazards:

1, electric furnace power consumption, high temperature, if the contact with the combustible or close, the radiation temperature is higher than the combustible ignition, you can cause combustion.

2, electric furnace power, and sometimes encountered a temporary power outage and personnel did not cut off the power, when a sudden call, no one management, if there is a combustible near, easy to cause a fire.

3, electric furnace power,Home Applicances if received a smaller cross-section of the wire or the capacity of the socket is too small, will lead to overload the wire insulation layer of combustion, or plug ignition.

4, just used the furnace also has a very high temperature, if the electric furnace on the bed, cabinets and other combustibles below, waste heat will ignite combustible fire.


When using the electric furnace, do not put combustible around, do not use electric stove to bake clothing or clothes hanging in the top of the electric furnace,Home Applicances electric furnace do not put the board, do not put the electric furnace in the combustible box.

Electric furnace power must be used, if the power outage or after the use of time to unplug the plug.

Electric furnace power consumption, in order to avoid the power cord and plug, socket overload, the use of electrical materials to choose the size of the cross section properly, well insulated wire and the appropriate outlet.

After the use of electric furnace,Home Applicances to wait for some time, until the temperature drop, and then placed in the right place to prevent the furnace waste heat caused by combustion.

So to remind you that in addition to refrigerators and other 24 hours to use electrical appliances, other electrical appliances do not have a long time,Home Applicances it is best to turn off the main power or plug the plug. Can also be placed in the home of different power switch system, convenient for you to classify the switch control. At the same time can also use a number of switch control of the power outlet, but also to achieve the effect of energy saving. So that we can save some electricity.

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