How Much Is It To Open A Plastic Case Injection Mold?

- Oct 26, 2018-

Frequently, customers will ask such questions, how much is it to open a plastic shell injection mold? Why are the price so different? Today, we will analyze for everyone, why each quotation is not the same. Generally, how much a plastic shell injection mold depends on the following factors.

1,The demand for the product, which determines what kind of steel is used in the mold factory, and also relates to the cost of the mold.

2, the customer specified to open a few sets of molds, the number of holes in each set of molds, and a single piece to open a set of molds, or mold and open on a set of molds, will affect the opening of a set of injection molds?

3, the customer's product size, appearance requirements, precision requirements, appearance size requirements are high, mold production costs are also different, as well as product size, product structure complexity, determine the mold structure used by the mold, directly How much does it affect the opening of an injection mold?

How much is the plastic shell injection mold? For different manufacturers, the quotation disparity will be relatively large, because the material is different, the production process is different, the management operation cost is also different, and it is directly related to the price of opening a set of injection molds.

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