How To Avoid Sharp Angle Effect When Designing Mold

- Oct 18, 2018-

When doing the mold, avoid the concentration of the fillet stress as much as possible, and increase the strength of the part to ensure the stress concentration generated at the corner of the part, and reduce the crack that will occur when the product is stressed or impacted. Improper molding conditions or unreasonable part structure can cause large internal stresses and are particularly prone to stress cracking. When the corner radius of the center is less than 0.3 times the wall thickness of the part, the stress concentration increases sharply. When the wall thickness is greater than 0.8 times, the stress concentration becomes significantly smaller.

Only the use of rounded corners can be easily filled and demolded. For some plastics with poor fluidity or plastics with fillers, it is especially important to design various rounded corners, which not only improves the filling performance, but also improves the parts. Use performance.

Rounded corners are good for the manufacture of various molds. The parts are designed with various rounded corners to improve the strength of the mold. The corresponding parts of the mold should also be rounded, which increases the firmness of the mold. The mold will not be quenched or used. The cracking due to the concentration of stress also increases the strength of demolding of the mold.

How to avoid the sharp corner effect when the mold manufacturer designs the mold, rounding is one of the best methods.

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