Indian Mold Manufacturers Need To Meet The Growing Demand

- Jun 29, 2017-


NEW DELHI - In a recent industry conference, a number of spokesmen said India's mold manufacturing industry needed to boost capacity, both to meet the growing demand for multinationals operating in the country, but also with a large number of Indian markets Share of the import mold industry competition.


Rajiv Gandhi, executive director of automobile manufacturer Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., made a closer relationship between the moldmaking industry and multinationals (such as Suzuki) at the International Tooling Summit held in New Delhi in 2017.


"The automotive industry relies on the import of molds," he said, noting that Maruti imported more than 50% of the mold. "Supply and demand gap is large, should strive to make up for investment capacity."


From 9 to 10 February, at a conference held and sponsored by the Indian Mold and Gauge Manufacturing Industry Association in Mumbai, he said, "there must be an ecosystem in which original equipment manufacturers and suppliers support each other , Peaceful coexistence in order to achieve the overall growth target.


He said the need for an Indian industrial upgrading would depend on both the shorter life cycle of Indian automotive products and the more stringent emissions and environmental standards.


"Emissions standards for Euro 6 (Bharat VI) will begin in 2020, and in the face of increasingly serious environmental and safety issues, the mold industry will be prepared to meet the challenges and invest in high quality molds," Gandhi said.


The head of the association said India hopes to produce more molds in the country, which will create opportunities for local businesses.


"In India, major OEMs are localizing the parts that make up their major equipment, according to government guidance," said TAGMA Chairman A. Dayanand Reddy. "According to the government 's policy reform, from domestic procurement tools, will ensure that India' s domestic production growth.


Reddy is also the general manager of Vasantha Tool Crafts Pvt. Ltd., a manufacturer of injection molds in Hyderabad.


Although India's mold manufacturing industry is much smaller than China, there is evidence that foreign investment is increasing.


For example, the German-owned VEM Tooling Ltd. in October 2016 K show, said in Pune City to set up a small mold factory to make up for its larger facilities in China and Thailand needs, because its multinational customers "very Want to "raise awareness in India.


S.K. Arya is Chairman of JBM Group. The group is a $ 1.2 billion ($ 8.27 billion) car supplier, headquartered near Gourdes in Delhi. Arya said Indian companies should find more sources of molds locally. He said the company has 12 mold factories, all over the various locations.


"Quality molds are the foundation of any product's success," he says. "In this area, continuous training and learning culture are required to meet world-class standards."


According to the meeting, compared to other industries in India, the automotive industry seems to be more dependent on imported molds. For example, packaging manufacturers may purchase 90% of the local mold.


In order to narrow the gap with international suppliers, India's mold manufacturing industry and the government are investing in the establishment of a new training center, TAGMA said.


The association, together with the Indian Ministry of Heavy Industry, contributed $ 7.5 million ($ 51.7 million) to the construction of the city of Puna, the automotive and electronics manufacturing center, and Reddy said it planned to establish a similar center in Noida, Chennai and Bangalore The


TAGMA said the facility is expected to be open in September, including two injection molding machines, which will provide trial and verification equipment for small businesses and help with training.

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