Industry Situation

- Nov 23, 2016-

According to die Industry Association statistics, since 2010, China's mold exports for four consecutive years of more than 20%. Due to weak demand in the international market, 2014 mold export growth dropped to 9.35%.

Transformation and upgrading of China mold manufacturing industry production and sales demand forecasting and analysis report data show that quarter of 2015, China's mold exports grew 3.09%, growth slowed further, annual export growth last year are expected to further fall die, export and imports over the same period in 2009, for the first time since the "quarter" market uncertainties increased.

Mold is known as the "mother of all industrial" name, mold enterprises in China reached 30,000 at present, annual output value of 220 billion yuan, annual exports close to $5 billion, has become the tooling manufacturing power and trading nation. Die export growth continued to slow down in China, in addition to the subject of the international economic situation, and mould industry's international competitiveness.

Since 2014, while the international market overall contracted, subject to the precision molds as the representative of the high end of the market there is still a large demand, however, due to our high end die "matching rates" under 60%, greatly restricting the international high-end market.

From the current perspective, China's economy continues to grow, China mould trends showed big gains in recent years, development of casting mould growth rate of up to 25%, higher than China's average GDP value added more than 1 time, die overall demand will be further growth in the future.

Casting mould enterprises to transform mechanism, developing specialized production, increase market awareness, promoting the adjustment of industrial structure of casting molds. The past, under the planned economy, large enterprises have mold plant (workshop), manufacturing capabilities and strong technical force, accounts for a considerable proportion of Chinese mold production, in addition to a small number of standard parts purchased outside, most of the work were completed by the mold factory, resulting in low levels of specialization, standardization.

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