Injection Mold Protector Leading China's Think Tank

- Nov 23, 2016-

In low pressure injection moulding at the same time, find packaging products in a timely manner is eligible? It is beset by many years of difficulty. In order to better meet customer demands, knife Zhu, General Manager, tissue engineering and equipment Division on low pressure injection molding solutions design. Research and development team made up of numerous graduates and undergraduates, with a low-pressure injection molding experience and technology accumulated over the years, the team soon developed several sets of solutions. After rigorous feasibility analysis, and ultimately determine the best solution for low-pressure injection molding, knife mould protectors.

Knife mould protection thermostat is perfect solution for packaging requirements, and realized the low pressure injection molding products online for the first time detection and real-time feedback, low-pressure injection molding is the perfect combination of technology and online testing, is yet another new breakthrough of low-pressure injection molding technology. Injection mold protector is widely used in many industries, companies, such as the manufacturing of injection molding machine in the mold of heavy losses, due to the particularities of the product, not the rule, despite a lot of protection measures for the mold, I still cannot avoid mold different degrees of damage to the enterprise and for personal injuries. Injection mold protector appears to greatly reduce the losses and injuries.

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