Is Plastic Injection Molding Processing Required To Control Temperature?

- Nov 29, 2018-

The experienced workers know that if the products that want plastic injection processing are qualified, then the temperature must be controlled well, because the whole production process is very complicated, so the temperature that needs to be regulated in every step of plastic injection processing is also different. . The first thing to control is the temperature of the raw material barrel, because the melting temperature that different raw materials want to become liquid needs to be different. Therefore, in the production of each batch of plastic injection molding, the temperature of the raw material barrel should be adjusted according to the raw materials used.

When the raw material of the plastic injection molding process comes out of the barrel, the liquid is conveyed into the mold through the pipe and the nozzle. The temperature of the pipe and the nozzle also needs to be controlled. Generally, the temperature controlled is slightly higher than the temperature in the material barrel. The lower one is because the environment inside the raw material barrel is relatively closed, and if the temperature is too high, vaporization will occur. In order to prevent this phenomenon from occurring in the plastic injection molding process, the temperature regulation is slightly lower, It also helps to cool the product.

However, the temperature should not be too low, otherwise the liquid will become solid and block the pipeline. The temperature of the mold during plastic injection molding process is the temperature of the mold. Although the product enters the mold for cooling, the temperature inside is constant. Can not be too low, let the product cool naturally, otherwise there may be some scratches or some pits on the surface of the product, which also affects the quality.

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