Mini Selfie LED Light For Phone

- Jul 08, 2020-

What is a selfie LED light?

Like selfie sticks, selfie lights are props designed to help perfect our selfie photos - and they're not just used by influencers, celebs, YouTubers and bloggers.

A selfie light can help guarantee a professional-looking photo, every time - with minimal cost and effort.

You can find selfie lights built into smartphones: see the LuMee, which has cases with front and back LED lights, which not only improve your selfie pout but also work to illuminate you on Facetime and Skype calls (essential when chatting to loved ones who are far away).

You can also get separate selfie lights - ring lights - which either clip onto your phone or table, or come with their own stand for a full-on selfie station.

Selfie lights are all the craze to ensure you get the best snapshot whatever the weather.


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