Mold And Plastic Parts Packaging

- Oct 25, 2018-

The formal packaging of the mold is to make a wooden box, and then put the mold in a wooden box for transportation. This prevents the bumps of the mold. If it is exported, there are strict requirements for the wooden box in which the mold is placed. There is also a kind of tray, which is relatively rare.

The packaging of plastic parts, we often say that the ordinary packaging is to put a certain amount of products into a PP bag, and then put them in a cardboard box. Usually such packaging is called ordinary packaging. There are also special packaging that customers require. For example, each product is equipped with a bubble bag, which can prevent the product from being scratched. In addition to this type of packaging, there is also a tray package, which is to put a large product on the tray, and the product is sent together with the tray. Usually used in this way is a large, unrequired plastic parts, if it is high requirements, it is still necessary to customize the carton, according to customer requirements to install.

For more plastic injection molding, Pls check this picture below:

Samples Display

For plastic cover production of other device ,Pls click this picure below:


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