Mold Development

- Nov 23, 2016-

China plastic mould production value reached 53.4 billion yuan or so?: do you believe that? due to China's rapid economic development for the plastic mold industry requirements are more stringent, so as a great impetus to the development of plastic mould industry. According to accurate statistics, China plastic mould production value reached 53.4 billion yuan for the year, it is a fact that already exists.

With the rapid development of automobile manufacturing and IT industries, Chinese mold industry has achieved rapid development, it is understood that China's mold industry, plastic molds of up to 30% per cent, is expected to die in the future market, plastic mold tooling will gradually increase the proportion of the total, and the pace of development will be faster than other molds.

It is learnt that the mold industry 20% annual growth rate since 2000, pulling the molding grades improve, excellent mold manufacturing equipment for mold offers the level of protection.

Analysts believe that imported molds, sophisticated, large-scale, complex, long life molds are in the majority, therefore, from the viewpoint of reducing imports, the localization rate, this premium mold will gradually increase in the market share. Construction of fast development, makes various different profile extrusion mold, and PVC plastic pipe joint mold became mold market new of economic growth, highway of quickly development, on car tire also proposed has more high requirements, so Meridian rubber tire mold, especially active die of development also will above total average level; to plastic generation wood, to plastic generation metal makes plastic mold in car, and motorcycle industrial in the of demand huge; household appliances industry in "Twelve-Five" during will has larger development, especially refrigerator, and Plastic mold of the spare parts for air conditioners and microwave ovens and other high demand

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