Mold Manufacturers In The Forefront Of Industry Development

- Jun 29, 2017-

The importance and necessity of information management in mold enterprise management, pointed out the role of informatization in improving mold productivity, reducing cost and improving quality, and combined with case analysis, further proposed based on the professional management system iM3 mold enterprises Information solution.


In general, the mold enterprises are small and medium enterprises, mostly from the workshop-style enterprises to grow up, and even there are still many mold enterprises are workshop-style management, in the mold delivery, cost, quality control problems Constantly. In the face of fierce market competition, backward management tools and levels, so that the mold business management and technical personnel only exhausted, enterprises invested heavily in the introduction of CAD / CAM systems and high-end CNC machining equipment is also difficult to play its due efficiency and Level, the lack of vitality and competitiveness of enterprises. These problems have aroused a lot of hope to the international advanced level in line with the mold business operators attach great importance to how to improve the level of enterprise management and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises has become China's mold manufacturing industry to participate in international market competition urgent need to solve the problem.


Therefore, the mold manufacturing enterprises to improve the management level, with rapid response and timely adjustment of the ability, not a set of advanced management system to achieve the management of information is difficult to do. Through the information construction, mold manufacturing enterprises to achieve integrated management, is to promote enterprises to improve the management level of an effective way.


Mold is a typical single-piece production of the industry, each order should be with the customer to conduct detailed business and technical aspects of communication, otherwise it will have serious consequences. The following is the mold business and customer information is not sufficient to communicate two examples:


Case 1. A large-scale mold factory to undertake a new Japanese customer's mold orders, the Japanese customers used to release orders, and mold factory designers to conduct detailed technical communication, the mold made a very detailed design requirements, This design can be done, do not need to confirm the design drawings. The mold factory design staff to complete the design, but still in accordance with the past, the habit of American customer orders, waiting for customers to confirm the design and then order mold and materials, has been waiting for 10 days to know that customers do not need to confirm the drawings. As a result, the set of mold extension of 10 days, the customer is not satisfied, no longer from the order, this has lost a very promising customers.


Case 2. A mold factory to undertake a new customer's mold order, the customer's injection molding plant has a set of strict production safety standards - how many tons of mold must use the number of rings. The problem was ignored due to lack of detailed technical communication. Mold design staff in accordance with the custom of the factory selection of rings, the results of the standard than the customer a small size, resulting in the mold delivered to customers, only to find does not meet the requirements, can only mold back, re-processing ring hole, the cost of the whole process More than million, but also affected the customer's production.


It can be seen, in communication with customers and enterprises within the information even a small flaw, will cause huge losses to the enterprise. Therefore, to solve the communication problem, has the following important significance:


As far as possible once the customer business and technical requirements to understand the comprehensive, to avoid repeated times, thus saving costs and time.


Detailed understanding of the customer's mold technical requirements, to avoid changes in the test and rework.


To record and summarize the contents of each communication, for each customer to gradually establish a customer service and technical information knowledge base, shared within the company in order to improve customer service levels and reduce errors.


Information management system will be able to help mold enterprises to better communicate with customers. For example, in the iM3 system, provides a detailed mold technology communication template, template integration of a number of outstanding domestic and foreign mold business experience, fully with the international mold industry convergence. Through the template, to facilitate detailed technical communication with customers to reduce the mold modification work. But also through the system records and customer communication information, you can sum up customer business and technical habits, to share the relevant personnel within the company, to avoid duplication of mistakes.

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