New Office In Our Factory

- Jun 16, 2020-

During the current coronavirus epidemic, in order to expand our business, We rebuilt new offices and meeting rooms and example room.


The contents of the spirit of enterprise are as follows: firm pursuit of goals, strong sense of group, correct principle of competition, clear social responsibility and reliable values and methodology, etc.

The special connotation of enterprise spirit determines its characteristics of individuality and commonness.

The individual characteristics of enterprise spirit refer to that every enterprise has its own unique enterprise spirit. Due to the differences of enterprise philosophy, values, codes of conduct and ethics, enterprise spirit must have its own characteristics.

The common characteristic of enterprise spirit refers to the enterprise spirit's high generalization of the belief and pursuit of all employees of the enterprise, and at the same time, it makes this common belief and pursuit rooted in the hearts of every employee, thus producing common thoughts and behaviors.

Personality and common characteristics are the most essential characteristics of enterprise spirit and the starting point of understanding enterprise spirit.

The formation of enterprise spirit is restricted by the special business content and business mode of different enterprises, which is the basis of the formation of individual and common characteristics of enterprise spirit.

Different contents and modes of operation of enterprises form different concepts of competition, quality and labor, which restrict the formation of enterprise spirit.

Therefore, the enterprise spirit reflects the special essence of the unique management of enterprises, and it is the reflection of this special essence that can form the enterprise spirit of each enterprise.

Enterprise spirit originates from the practice of enterprise production and management.

With the development of this kind of practice, enterprises gradually refine the philosophical thoughts with classical significance to guide the operation of enterprises, and become the leading consciousness advocated by entrepreneurs and strengthened by means of decision-making, organization and implementation.

Enterprise spirit mainly reflects the entrepreneur's career pursuit, the main direction of attack and the basic guiding ideology of mobilizing the enthusiasm of employees.

The entrepreneur is often in various forms in the enterprise organization process to obtain the omni-directional strong implementation.

Therefore, the spirit of enterprise often becomes the spiritual power to regulate the function of the system.

To build a good corporate image, the most fundamental lies in cultivating corporate spirit.

Enterprise spirit is the spiritual pillar of an enterprise and the soul of an enterprise.

The enterprise spirit with quite individual character, form condenses all staff adhesive, it is the constant, lasting power source that shapes good enterprise image.

The most positive significance of cultivating and carrying forward enterprise spirit is to make it different, unique and recognized by all.

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