NPE 2018 In Orlando USA

- Feb 27, 2018-

Exhibition Name : NPE 2018 In Orlando USA

Date: May 7-11,2018 

Period : Triennial

Location: Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) Orlando,USA

Sponsor:  Plastics Industry Association

Exhibition Range :

1, plastics machinery and equipment, additives and auxiliary materials, rubber and plastic processing with mold and accessories, rubber products, plastic packaging machinery and accessories, forming machine, forming machine parts, auxiliary equipment, plastic rubber processing and recycling equipment, welding technology and equipment, production equipment, test equipment, mould, semi-finished products and finished products, plastics recycling equipment, workshop equipment and instruments, OEM OEM services, business services and media, etc.;

2, raw materials, chemicals and additives, plastic packaging machinery and technology, equipment and services, machinery and equipment for pretreatment and recycling processing machinery and equipment, processing equipment, machinery and finishing, printing, and tags, welding machine, mold, auxiliary equipment, measurement, control and test equipment, parts and components, semi-finished products, technical parts and reinforced plastics, plastic manufactured goods and services;

3, materials, raw materials, paint, stain, plastic additives and auxiliary agent, plastic composite materials, aluminum foil materials, medical materials and fishing gear materials, rubber and plastic products, rubber and plastic processing with mold and accessories, rubber and plastic processing with chemical raw materials, additives and auxiliary materials, etc.Raw materials and additives;Mechanical equipment and automation system;Peripheral equipment and parts;Die and die;Finished products and semi-finished products;Measuring device, adjusting device and automation system;Hardware and software;Environmental protection and recycling, industry and personnel safety;Project contracting and business services.

NPE (international plastic exhibition) is the largest and oldest plastic exhibition in the United States, and the second largest plastic industry event in the world.NPE was founded in 1946 by SPI and has been held at McCormick Place in Chicago since 1971, while NPE 2012 was moved to the city of olam.The scope of NPE2012's exchange training activities will be far more than that of the past, and the scale of activities will be significantly greater than that of previous npes.Communication training activities will be redesigned, set up multiple projects, and focus on specific industries, sponsored by the professional technical trade organizations a wide range of technical discussion activities, will also be held various seminars, more the meeting discussion operation strategy, enterprise management, and at the same time the sustainability of the industry.

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