Photography Plastic Accessories Ink Road Stability, Easy Installation

- Jul 06, 2017-

Photography Plastic Accessories is a monomer as raw material, synthetic resin and filler, Photography Plastic Accessoriesizer, stabilizer, lubricant, pigment and other additives, Photography Plastic Accessories products is a fitting, other products have to match it, in order to Photography Plastic Accessories Individual logo on the content, given a formal Ming Shun identity, it is necessary to rely on external processing for marking the code, AROJET brand Photography Plastic Accessories accessories Pen Maji can be inconvenient to print, to achieve the best results, the scanning rate of 98% or more.

The so-called Photography Plastic Accessories, in fact, it is a synthetic resin, the shape and natural resin in the pine resin similar to the chemical means of artificial synthesis, and is known as Photography Plastic Accessories, is also an important organic synthetic polymer materials, a very wide range of applications, Photography Plastic Accessories industry inkjet printer are generally used SP-8800 Pen Maji, the product is widely used in food and other industries, you can print the date of printing, product batch number, in English and anti-counterfeiting anti-Cuanhuo application of two-dimensional code.

Photography Plastic Accessories parts inkjet printer can be PET, PVC, PE, OPP and other Photography Plastic Accessories and tinplate, aluminum and other materials on a variety of personalized printing information, including Chinese, English, digital, bar code, two-dimensional code, can Change the picture, garbled, database, security code, etc., Penma equipment on the volume or single Photography Plastic Accessories imports of environmentally friendly UV ink Penma, Photography Plastic Accessories accessories Pen Maji to achieve high attachment, high efficiency, ink road stability, easy installation, paging smooth.

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