Photography Plastic Accessories The Camera's Accessories Are One Of The Most Important Things

- Jun 05, 2017-

Photography Plastic Accessories In the case of poor light, we need to make light, this time, a suitable external flash is particularly important.

The flash has several features that are more important:

Heat dissipation: Many flash in the continuous full power output times after the overheat protection, thus affecting the number of continuous flash. And poor heat dissipation of the flash is often into the overheating protection, which will hinder the progress of shooting.

Photography Plastic Accessories High-speed sync: After most of the flash is turned on, the shutter speed is limited to 1 / 250s or less, and the flash with high-speed sync is not limited. The body itself will also limit the high-speed synchronization, depending on the model.

Strobe: continuous flash at very high frequencies, with the continuous flash of electronic flash, in a picture of the dynamic movement of the moving process.

Note: flash purchase need to pay attention to the choice of bayonet, with the same lens, you need the corresponding bayonet, flash in order to normal use.

It is still necessary to pick a lightweight, solid tripod.

Tripod for photographers, is a very important creative partner, in addition to improving the stability of shooting, but also conducive to a lot of creative shooting, such as morning, night, star track, aurora, streams, waterfalls, fireworks and so on.

If you do not want to rely too much on the late effects of production, the use of filters can make it easier for you to get the desired effect.

Soft focus filter

Giving the image a moderate softening and beautiful blur effect. Suitable for a variety of shooting occasions, such as portraits.

Circular polarizing filter

Photography Plastic Accessories By reducing the amount of reflection, the polarizing filter allows the camera to shoot directly through glass or water, and allows the camera to take better non-metallic reflective objects. The polarizing filter also weakens the reflected light in the air and the tiny dust, so the blue sky will be rendered more blue.

Neutral color NC filter

Photography Plastic Accessories The neutral color filter can be used as a lens protection lens, it does not affect the color balance, and it can reduce the reflection of light glass to improve the color reproduction.

Control the remote control of the shutter, commonly used in remote control camera, exposure, continuous shooting, with a tripod more help to control the camera to take pictures to prevent the camera shake, thus undermining the integrity of the screen.

The effect of the hood is to prevent the idle light into the lens, improve clarity and ensure color authenticity. In addition, the lens can also block the sand, rain and snow, to prevent accidental damage to the lens, but also reduce the finger touch the lens surface.

If you usually use wide-angle lens more, remember to bring a hood. Both to avoid short-focus around the black angle, but also to ensure that the longer telephoto end has enough shading ability.

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