Plastic Garbage 3D Print Ocean City

- Jul 17, 2017-

The climate change caused by pollution and greenhouse gas effects is undoubtedly one of the most pressing problems faced by all mankind in this era. As our current lifestyles are becoming increasingly unsustainable, more and more people of insight begin to design human future lifestyles, hoping to be able to minimize carbon emissions.


Jellyfish Victoria

Belgian well-known architect VincentCallebaut put forward a new concept of urban design. In his future urban design, not only emphasizes the sustainability, but also specifically to focus on the management of the ocean. Simply put, Callebaut designed a sea city, he named the city AequoreaVictoria (jellyfish Victoria), because this futuristic city with a future style looks like a glowing jellyfish.


Algae composites and plastic waste manufacturing

In Callebaut's design, the whole city is composed of a conch-shaped building, these conch-type buildings can be extended to the bottom of 1000 meters below the sea. It is important to note that these buildings are made of 3D plastic waste from the ocean. Callebaut described his own plan as a 3D building using the seventh continent's garbage. The so-called seventh continent is the island formed by the human-made garbage in the ocean. The project highlights the importance of keeping the ocean clean and free of waste by using plastic waste in its design.

    In the design, Callebaut put the ocean city on the Rio de Janeiro coast in Brazil. In addition he also fictionalized a story from the 15-year-old 15-year-old Aequorea Citizen Oceane, who wrote a letter to the "people on the continent" in which his grandfather told his grandfather about his way of life on the continent Our generation is so indifferent to the earth and its resources.

    The letter also describes Aequorea's internal situation: "Each jellyfish village can accommodate as many as 20,000 visitors, who are mainly through the four terminals of the water surface, each covered with mangroves, rooted in a diameter of 500 M floating on the dome.

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