Plastic Lenses In Plastic Molds

- Jun 12, 2020-


Our company is specialized in making mould for photographic equipment and electronic products.

Today we're going to talk about the plastic lenses that are attached to the camera.

The advantage of plastic lenses is high production, low price, and can realize the demand of light and light.

In the past will be considered not high precision can not replace the traditional off duty and so on.

But in recent years to the plastic research and development and injection molding, has greatly improved.

Plastic lenses have also entered an era of high precision.

But plastic lenses have their drawbacks.

Plastics tend to love their environment and affect their optical properties.

The high non - uniformity of plastic, easy to deformation, resulting in the accuracy is not easy to control.

Plastic lenses can be used in view Windows and lens lenses for cameras, digital cameras.

A lens for projection or rear-projection television.

Backlight panel and light guide panel on LCD panel.

Generally speaking, plastic lenses are more suitable for consumer optoelectronic products.

Maybe you're interested in the optical properties.

So how does the optical property of plastic lens guarantee?

Speaking of optical properties.

We generally consider penetration spectrum, reflection loss, absorption.

Of course, the physical properties of plastic should also be considered, water absorption, shrinkage, thermal deformation temperature, fluidity, strength, scraping resistance and so on.

In the aspect of shape design, factors such as thickness ratio and shape change will be considered in the design.

In addition to our professional mold engineers and injection team.

Our plastic lenses have also been recognized and praised by photographic equipment manufacturers at home and abroad.

If you have the photographic equipment mold and plastic lens purchase demand, welcome to visit the factory consultation.

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