Plastic Materials Commonly Used In Plastic Molds

- Mar 25, 2019-

    Today, I will  introduce the selection of plastic materials commonly used in plastic molds.

     1. ABS: high fluidity, low cost, suitable for parts that are not too demanding in strength (parts that are not directly impacted and do not withstand structural durability in reliability testing), such as internal support brackets (keyboard brackets, LCD brackets) )Wait. It is also commonly used on electroplated parts (such as buttons, side keys, navigation keys, electroplated decorative parts, etc.). Currently, Chi Mei PA-757, PA-777D, etc. are commonly used.

     2. PC+ABS: good fluidity, good strength and moderate price. Suitable for high rigidity, high impact toughness parts such as frames, housings, etc. Common material code: Bayer T85, T65.

     3. PC: high strength, expensive, and poor liquidity. Suitable for housings, buttons, drive frames, lenses, etc. that require high strength. Common material codes such as: Teijin L1250Y, PC2405, PC2605.

    4. POM has high stiffness and hardness, excellent fatigue and wear resistance, less creep and water absorption, better dimensional stability and chemical stability, good insulation and so on. Commonly used for pulleys, transmission gears, worm gears, worms, transmission components, etc., commonly used material code such as: M90-44.

    5. PA is tough, absorbent, but becomes brittle when the water is completely volatilized. Commonly used for gears, pulleys, etc. For key gears with large impact forces, fillers need to be added. The material code is CM3003G-30.

   6. PMMA has excellent light transmission. It can still pass 92% of sunlight after 240 hours of accelerated aging of light. It still has 89% in outdoor and UV.78.5%. It has high mechanical strength, certain cold resistance, corrosion resistance, good insulation performance, stable size, easy molding, and brittleness. It is often used for transparent structural parts with certain strength requirements, such as lenses, remote control windows, light guides, etc. Common material code is: Mitsubishi VH001


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