Plastic Mold Life

- Oct 19, 2018-

During normal use of the mold, its parts will fail due to wear or damage for one reason or another. If the wear or damage is severe, and the injection molding can no longer be repaired, the mold should be scrapped. If the parts of the mold are interchangeable and can be replaced after the part fails, the life of the mold will theoretically be unlimited. However, after the mold is used for a long time and the surface of the part is more and more aging, the probability of failure is greatly increased, and the repair cost is increased. At the same time, the mold will directly affect the production of the part because it is frequently repaired. Therefore, when repairing the mold is unreasonable when the life reaches a certain level, the mold should also be considered for disposal.

The total number of work cycles or the number of parts produced by the mold before it is scrapped is referred to as the total life of the mold. In addition to this, the life of the mold after multiple repairs should also be considered.

Before the customer designs and manufactures various plastic molds, the user will ask for specific requirements on the service life of the mold. This requirement is collectively referred to as the life expectancy of the mold. In order to determine the expected life of the mold, two factors should be considered: first, technical considerations; second, economic rationality.

When the parts are produced in small batches or when a certain number of samples are produced, it is sufficient that the life of the mold only needs to meet the basic quantity requirements of the production of the parts. At this time, the mold should be reduced as much as possible under the premise of ensuring the service life of the normal mold. The cost of development; when the parts need to be produced in large quantities, that is, the high mold cost is required, and the life and efficiency of the mold should be improved as much as possible.

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