Plastic Mold Suitable For The Production Of Thermoplastic Products

- Oct 18, 2017-

Plastic Mold is an important process equipment in modern industry, and it is an indispensable component in many industrial products production. After China's accession to the WTO, the ability to attract foreign investment has become more and more important, and more and more of all kinds of industrial molds are imported into the world.

The types of Plastic Molds are usually classified according to the different processing objects and processes, from the industry point of view, there are mainly plastic molds, rubber molds, metal cold stamping molds, metal cold extrusion molds and hot extrusion molds, metal drawing molds, powder metallurgy molds, metal die-casting molds, metal precision casting molds, glass molds, FRP molds and so on.

The most common molding methods of plastics are generally divided into two categories: melt forming and solid phase forming. Melt molding is to heat the plastic to the melting point above, so that it is in the form of molten processing, the molding process belongs to the main injection molding, compression molding (shrink) molding, extrusion molding, etc. ; solid-phase molding is a kind of molding method, such as vacuum forming, compressed air forming and blow molding of plastic packaging containers, which keep solid under the molten temperature. In addition, there are liquid molding methods, such as cast-plastic molding, plastic-lined and dip-dip molding method.

According to the different molding method, it can be divided into different process requirements of plastic processing mold types, mainly injection molding die, extrusion mold, plastic mold, blow molding mold, blister molding mold, high foaming polystyrene molding molds.

It is mainly used in the production of thermoplastic plastic parts of the most common use of a molding mold, plastic injection molding mold corresponding processing equipment is plastic injection molding machine, plastic first in the bottom of the injection machine heating cylinder melting, and then in the injection machine screw or plunger-driven, through the injection machine nozzle and mold pouring system into the mold cavity, Plastic cooling hardening Molding, dePlastic Mold to obtain products. The structure is usually composed of forming parts, pouring system, guiding parts, launching mechanism, thermostat system, exhaust system, supporting parts and so on. Manufacturing materials are usually used plastic mold steel module, commonly used materials mainly carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high-speed steel and so on. Injection molding processing is usually only applicable to the production of thermoplastic products, plastic products produced by injection molding process are very extensive, from daily necessities to all kinds of complex machinery, electrical appliances, transport parts, etc. are used injection mold molding, it is the most widely used in the production of plastic products processing method.

including compression molding and pressure injection molding two types of structural mold. They are mainly used for molding thermosetting plastic mold, the corresponding equipment is pressure molding machine. The compression molding method is based on the plastic properties, the mold is heated to the molding temperature (generally in 103℃-180℃), and then the measured plastic powder into the mold cavity and feeding room, closed mold, plastic in high heat, high-pressure action under the softened viscous flow, after a certain period of time curing stereotypes, become the desired product shape. Pressure injection molding and compression molding is equipped with a separate feeding room, molding before the die first closed, plastic in the feeding room to complete preheating in the viscous flow, under the pressure of the high speed squeeze into the mold cavity, hardening molding. The compression Plastic Mold is also used to form some special thermoplastic plastics such as hard melt thermoplastic (such as Teflon) blanks (cold pressing molding), high optical properties of resin lenses, slightly foaming nitrocellulose car steering wheel, etc. The molding die mainly consists of cavity, feeding cavity, guiding mechanism, launching parts, heating system and so on. Pressure injection mold is widely used in packaging electrical components. Plastic mold manufacturing materials and injection molds are basically the same.

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