Plastic Mold Technology Is Still A Key Point

- Jun 22, 2020-


The driving force of industry development is market demand.

The market is the most primitive and powerful driving force for the development of an industry. Where there is a demand, there will be a market.

At present, for the plastic mold factory in Our country, the market is still a strong driving force for its development, and is the domestic and international market.

The backward mold technology has greatly restricted the independent development of many manufacturing industries, and some high-tech molds are still dependent on import. In addition, foreign advanced enterprises pay more attention to the protection of technology in recent years, which has caused certain difficulties for Chinese mold enterprises to introduce technology.


It is understood that the development of China's current plastic mold factory is mainly subject to the following factors:

One, the use of raw materials.

Compared with foreign plastic mold factory, there are still many shortcomings in China.


Second, backward manufacturing technology.

The development of plastic mold industry in China is greatly hindered and the backward manufacturing technology has become a bottleneck of plastic mold industry development.


Third, China's plastic mold industry is not sufficient supporting system is its development of another major obstacle.


Four, in general, China's plastic mold factory management level is generally low, basically there is no good standard, many or workshop management, many enterprises are the boss himself management, all in charge of their own.

Such a management mode largely limits the further development of plastic mold enterprises in China.


China has initially established a complete industrial system, the normal operation of this huge industrial system, can not do without the support of the plastic mold industry.

It is reported that so far, our country is still in the plastic mold factory has seventy percent of the enterprises to private enterprises, and now, our country is trying to towards the goal development of plastic mould processing and export powerhouse, to obtain a good effect in plastic injection mold market and expand consumption potential, on the one hand, need strong technical support, also need high-end large enterprise leading role guidance.

With the market, will lead China's plastic mold industry better development.

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