Plastic Product Surface Treatment Process

- Oct 13, 2018-

In general, the coloration and surface texture decoration of plastic products can be completed during plastic molding. However, in order to increase the life of the product and improve its aesthetics, the surface is generally subjected to secondary processing and various decorative treatments.

The methods for surface treatment of plastic products are:

1. Surface machining. The effect is to make the surface smooth, bright and beautiful; the means used are frosting, polishing and the like.

2. Surface plating treatment. The effect is decoration, beautification, anti-aging, anti-corrosion; the means used are painting, printing (screen, transfer, pad printing), film, hot stamping and so on.

3. Surface decoration treatment. The effect is to make the surface wear-resistant, anti-aging, metallic luster and beautiful; the means used are thermal spraying, electroplating, ion plating and the like.


Plastic is an important product material. Marks, barcodes and numbers on plastic products are used for identification. Generally, the surface is usually machined directly. The use of a laser marking machine to print marks on the surface of plastic products is a high processing speed, can maintain the inherent surface characteristics of plastic products, and the printed mark has the characteristics of long-lasting, anti-counterfeiting and high quality, and does not require other processing steps.

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