Situation In The Domestic Markets Of Plastic Mold: Talent And Technology Are Major Obstacles To

- Nov 23, 2016-

In this decade, domestic plastic mould industry rapid development, hunger for talent and rising. But still can't solve this thorny issue became the main obstacle to China's mold industry.

It is understood that the mold origin in coastal areas, are inviting people to different degrees. In order to attract talents, many mold companies are even recruited the trans-regional provinces. 3 kinds of mold industry talent. The "gold-collar" personnel proficient in mold and die structure design software knowledge, has accumulated a wealth of practical experience in the practical work of this man are very well suited for the enterprise's technical director or technical director. "Grey collar" is a specialized mold design and processing of personnel at the post, such personnel in enterprise technology jobs, and 15%. "Blue collar" refers to the specific tools in the post operation and daily maintenance of the technical staff, post in the enterprise, and 75%, are currently the greatest demand. Mould industry in which has become one of the main obstacles, strengthening the cultivation of professional talents are already mold industry imminent event.

With the development of mold industry, new model of injection mould based on the information age. Injection mold sectors of production efficiency greatly improved, landmark impact on the manufacturing sector. Due to injection mold manufacturing activity-related product information and make information combined, so that traditional manufacturing industries have been developing rapidly. The advantage in the information age have been excellent play and expression. Modern manufacturing processes can be viewed as containing the amount of value added processes such as raw materials, industry driven information flow will become mainstream.

Due to injection molding products are widely used in daily life, mold technology has become the measure of a country's level of product manufacturing, an important symbol.

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