Smart Home Anytime You Can Control Everything At Home

- Aug 16, 2017-

If the building is solidified music, then the perfect home intelligent automatic control system is the song on the wonderful notes. It is not simply to achieve the basic indoor security, lighting, heating tools, but also a decorative architectural works of art, is the integration of automation technology and architectural art. It takes full advantage of the mix of science and art, the combination of light and shadow, and the automatic control of lights and appliances to create a variety of comfortable,Smart Home elegant environment to enhance the indoor space effect of the atmosphere. The latest partners who want to know about the future of intelligent home design, this year we have different units and needs to provide different solutions. Including single apartment, two bedrooms and one living room, three bedrooms and one living room, four bedrooms and two halls, duplex, villas and so on.

First, the scope of intelligent system design

Home system design system includes: intelligent lighting, temperature, music, home theater, doors and windows, electrical appliances, watering, pet feeding, water, gas, control methods include: remote computers, mobile phones, control panels.

All of the above system can operate independently, can also be interconnected with other systems, integration for a unified whole, and mutual response, so that the real sense of the smart home.

Second, the principle of intelligent system design

User-friendly operation, functional and practical, elegant appearance, can reflect the superior taste of life.

Simplify, highly human, pay attention to health, entertainment life, protect the privacy.

Third, control the area

Living room: through the living room lighting, audio and video, air conditioning, TV control, to create a comfortable living space. Through the intelligent scene control interface, to achieve a one-click lighting control of the scene,Smart Home automatically realize the guest, eat, audio and video, and so on in different periods of time required by the light environment.

Room, garden, study, children's room, etc.: home a dozen lights, each room has a different lighting and electrical needs, etc., the effect of different lighting requirements. Use a mobile phone or mobile panel to easily complete a variety of lighting scenes.

Various modes, a button can control the light, air conditioning TV. If you press the "home mode", the lights turn on, curtains open, air conditioning open, TV open. And after the end of the home, press the "full off mode", automatically turn off all the lights.

The controller has a manual switch,Smart Home in the fault state, you can manually turn on or off the light.

Custom scene mode, a key switch

Home mode - 5 minutes away from home when the phone a key home mode, air conditioning automatically open to the appropriate temperature, curtains open, the TV open to the familiar channel, home feel relaxed and comfortable.

Viewing mode - the projector and the screen slowly landed, the curtains closed, the DVD began to work, while other unwanted lights were automatically turned off, and the viewing area retained comfortable lighting.

Good morning mode - 7 o'clock in the morning, the room slowly sounded, the curtain slowly opened, the living room TV to open the morning news, electric kettle began to boil water. A beautiful day, start here.

Fourth, the system advantages

To achieve a good energy saving effect, to extend the lamp life

Energy saving is the biggest advantage of lighting control systems. The traditional villa field lighting work mode, people go light immortal. And the use of intelligent lighting control system, the villa can be based on different occasions, different people flow, the time period,Smart Home the work mode segmentation, turn off the unnecessary lighting, when necessary, automatically open. Control system to achieve a variety of different areas of the lighting mode, to ensure the necessary lighting at the same time, effectively reduce the lamp work time, save unnecessary energy costs, but also extend the life of the lamp.

To achieve a variety of lighting effects

A variety of intelligent control, you can make the same area with a variety of effects, integrated bedroom, dining room, living room, etc. can be preset different scenes. In the traditional manual control mode, it is difficult to achieve such a variety of lighting effects.

Fifth, improve the management level

Intelligent control system is based on automatic control, artificial control, supplemented by the system. In the general case, no need to participate in the lighting system through the network remote control automatically switch and dimming function. Both greatly reduce the waste of electricity, but also ruled out due to human factors and the emergence of non-timed switch, to reduce the control of light and run around the situation there.

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