Smart Home Comfortable, Safe And Convenient

- Jun 16, 2017-

What is the meaning of smart home? Smart home to the benefits of life which? Smart home for people, no stranger, but not familiar with the casually can say it's ten benefits, many people because of the smart home Do not understand, so when the installation will inevitably hesitate, in the end to spend a lot of money to buy smart home is good. This article for everyone to bring smart home to bring 10 benefits of life.

The real meaning of smart home

With the widespread use of electronic technology in real life, people increasingly feel the convenience of electronic products for life, especially in the 20th century, 80 years, the emergence of smart home more people enjoy life to provide a Broad platform.

Intelligent home, is a residential platform, both construction equipment, network communications, information appliances and equipment automation, set system, structure, service, management as one of the efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient and environmentally friendly living environment. It is to maintain the traditional residential function on the basis of, out of the passive model, as a dynamic intelligent tool with modern. Smart home not only provides a full range of information exchange functions, but also optimize the people's way of life and living environment, to help people effectively arrange time, save a variety of energy, to achieve the home appliance control, lighting control, indoor and outdoor remote control, Anti-theft alarm, computer control, timing control and remote telephone remote control and other functions. The following are the same as the "

Smart home prototypes originated in the United States. Today, smart home in the United States has gone through nearly 30 years. At present, the United States has the world's largest intelligent residential group, which covers an area of 3359 hectares, by about 8000 small villa composition. In addition, in Europe and the United States, Japan, Singapore and South Korea and other places, smart home is also rising.

With the family intelligence in the growing popularity of the world, smart home quietly in the last century into the Chinese market. In recent years, smart home frequently appear in the major media, a moment has become familiar vocabulary. However, the usual introduction to smart homes in the media is, in fact, misleading people's understanding of smart homes so that people do not know how to relate them to their families.

In fact, smart home, in short, is the intelligent decoration, the family life of intelligent, its application is that people around every day to do. For example: early morning, soft lights and music to wake up your family from the dream; kitchen, the timer controller has long been "command" microwave oven has long been hot breakfast; before work, you just press the remote control on a key, home Electric lights and electrical appliances on all closed, security system automatically enter the alert state;

If we have passed a sufficient market survey, the next job is to find the most suitable product manufacturers to strategic cooperation (or direct distribution), to give up the agency (agents have a lot of risk, hoard goods, security, etc.). But in fact a lot of works, vendors often only stay in the "product sales products," the marketing product stage, because they rarely do a relatively full investigation of the market, the smart home is not a good understanding, there will be project Then they can not do the consequences. They are not very understanding of the local market situation began to sell manufacturers recommended smart home products, so often in the sales process spent a lot of money should not spend, take a lot of detours, come back to find that the original smart Home is not like the traditional monitoring, access control so easy. So the focus on the following points. The following are the same as the "

1, choose the most suitable manufacturers to cooperate.

If you are engineering, then you choose the manufacturers must have R & D strength of the manufacturers, because the current intelligent project is basically equivalent to the custom smart home. LOGO UI and other changes are inevitable, increased functionality, and functional realization, but also need to closely cooperate with manufacturers, the choice of manufacturers in the development of the more flexible, more long-term cooperation. The project will be completed successfully. The current smart home market is not relatively well-known brands, large enterprises will not go for a small project to use R & D personnel. So in the choice of manufacturers, there is R & D strength, hardware products, and research and development of the company can basically achieve this cooperation. The following are the same as the "

2, select the quality and stability of the product. Choose the advantages of the agreement manufacturers

Many of the project manufacturers tend to be some manufacturers of low-cost lost in the direction of that is cheap to sell, and in fact cheap things in the performance, quality, function, stability, there will be a lot of disadvantages, is the so-called " Good goods is not cheap, cheap no good goods "and the future after-sales service there will be a large risk of service costs. The current cost of labor and product costs are basically flat, so once the project using the product problems, the emergence of the overall rework, then this project will be no doubt. And because the project does not like the product supplier as the product has a deep understanding, it is difficult to distinguish the stability of the product and quality is good or bad. If you want to have a bottom in the smart home industry, it is recommended that the early works or manufacturers with two or three landing projects in the ** operation, pre-project first to help manufacturers, and seriously study the manufacturers operating mode, it is possible in the future Project ** operation, take a long time.

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