Smart Home Energy Saving, Environmental Protection, Comfort And Convenience,

- Aug 07, 2017-

Smart Home With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more families, in the decoration are beginning to install intelligent lighting system in order to provide a higher level and comfortable service, the text describes in detail the modern home intelligent lighting and lighting control system features And application mode, as well as home intelligent lighting and lighting control system design.

1, home intelligent lighting common function

The residents can easily achieve in the living room, master bedroom, etc. with a touch screen remote control one-on-one remote control of the whole house 25 lights, of which 5 lights can achieve random dimming and brightness memory scene function, can achieve to create an elegant life Mood, but also to achieve the purpose of energy conservation. Households can achieve the control and control of the lighting of the subregion,Smart Home  no need to manually turn off the lights, as long as a remote control in hand, you can control the lights everywhere, like control the same TV, want to open in the remote control ,Very convenient.

Households can be in the restaurant to achieve a switch and partition full open function; but also can achieve the desired scene functions. Households can use the computer connected to the computer interface, you can use the computer interface with the application control interface, to achieve the whole house lights and electrical switches, scenes, timing and other control functions.

2, Smart Home system

Intelligent lighting system is the intelligent control and management of the light system, compared with the traditional lighting, it can be achieved mainly on the light of the dimming, a key scene, one to one remote control and partition lights full clearance and other management, and can With a variety of control methods to achieve the above functions, the most important control for the wireless remote control, timing control, centralized control, and even remote control, so as to achieve intelligent lighting energy saving, environmental protection, comfort and convenience.

Intelligent electrical control system is the intelligent control and management of electrical systems, the traditional electrical appliances are in individual form, there is no systematic management and control, and intelligent electrical control system, like an invisible network, all can control Of the electrical appliances to a certain structure organically combined to form a whole, through this management system, the user can achieve centralized wireless control of home appliances, timing switch control and remote control, and the realization of electrical scene control and management.

Intelligent lighting system can also be linked with the security system, when there is a police situation, your home balcony lights will keep flashing alarm.

3, home intelligent lighting lighting control system functions and applications

Lighting in the family can be achieved through the intelligent system courtyard landscape lighting mode, the night light mode, the entrance of the welcoming light mode, family guest lighting mode, home theater lighting mode, family warm and comfortable mode, family lighting mode, family dinner Lighting mode, confusing thieves light mode and other human nature, comfortable combination of lights. Entrance automatic lighting in the set of light within the time zone, the entrance and corridor lights can be achieved "people to light, people go light off."

When people enter the entrance for a moment, whether it is home or away from home, the region will gradually become bright lights, people adapt to changes in light. The final brightness can be set freely, and can be set at 0 ~ 255s within any length of time automatically shut down. When you leave home,Smart Home  press the home mode, the system can also automatically turn off all the lighting at home, no matter how much the family, do not need to go to check upstairs downstairs which lights have not closed.

The owner of the night from the night, the foot after landing, the program set a good night from the night all the lights needed to automatically light, back to bed with a bedside switch press a button to turn off all the lights. Night lighting mode, the general set of lights within 85 s from the dark gradually reached 50% of the brightness, so that people wake up in sleep gradually adapt to the strength of light.

Bathroom, kitchen ventilation fans in the set time automatically ventilation, and set the time after the automatic closure, in order to keep fresh air. Set the floor of any number of lights in the set time automatically lit for a certain time, and set the time after the automatic closure, to imitate someone at home to prevent thieves. When you do not go home at night, you can remotely open and close the door by thieves thieves light. In the case of safe deployment at home, if someone invaded the window at home, before he crossed the window, the house suddenly sounded the bell and automatically open the light will let the "visitors" fled.

You can in the theme of the wall to strengthen the lighting mode using the light down the fade function to strengthen the theme of the wall charm. Into the entrance to the inside of the time, the entire area of the ceiling on the ceiling lights in accordance with the different rows, different columns,Smart Home  different locations can be set different fade time and different brightness, and ultimately the formation of wave effect. Home theater lighting mode, the living room sofa table lamp, ceiling lamp on the ceiling can be set about 20% of the very weak brightness to meet the specific brightness requirements. All intelligent lighting using the preparation process, you can create a variety of family needs mode, to achieve human nature, comfortable combination of light.

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