Smart Home Personalized Requirements Are Getting Higher And Higher

- Jun 05, 2017-

In general, a complete intelligent home system should have the following functions, including home security, lighting system control, environmental control, home appliance control and other ways to control.

Home security system can effectively use the technical means to achieve home security precautions. Home security system, including anti-theft, fire, anti-gas leakage and other functions, and with remote monitoring, households can be through the network or telephone at any time to understand the situation at home, while remote monitoring or monitoring of the situation within the family. The main body of intelligent home is home automation, the future of home automation is the main home appliances, lighting and other electrical equipment control. The automation system uses centralized or distributed control, and households can remotely control the home equipment through the network or telephone. The home automation system is the main development direction of the intelligent home.

With the people's life experience more and more personalized requirements, home audio and video systems, family environment, network virtual environment and other needs are getting higher and higher, people in this area will be higher and higher consumer spending, the future The intelligent home will also meet people more of these needs.

The smart home is based on a set of advanced, secure, stable and intelligent systems and intelligent products. Based on the community bandwidth network, the community will connect the community households, public facilities, service software and intelligent products. Organic integration, to achieve community digital, community residents to provide comfortable, convenient, safe, intelligent and full of happy living environment.

Its community residents as the main service subject, focusing on the realization of intelligent property management, community public service wisdom, intelligent life services, home wisdom and other functions.

Intelligent home security system is a comprehensive application of information technology, network technology, sensing technology, radio technology and other technologies, the use of modern broadband information network and radio network platform, home appliances control, home environment control, home surveillance monitoring , Home security, family information exchange, home entertainment, community management and service set as one of the intelligent system products, is a strong technical and forward-looking.

Intelligent door locks: the door is an important channel for family access, a door lock on the whole family is very important. In general, the smart door lock is the first way to solve the lock, followed by security, but in fact it is much more secure than the traditional door lock. Intelligent door locks in the strengthening of the security, including lock unlock, lock, lock the real-time feedback, photo collection, anti-violence crack.

Infrared intrusion detectors: Infrared intrusion detectors and doors and windows similar to the magnetic, all belong to the induction class, but the sensing of the object and the different regions, doors and windows magnetic induction is the separation of the device itself, responsible for a point or surface security, and infrared intrusion detector Detection of human activities, responsible for certain spatial areas. In addition, the infrared intrusion detector can not only detect the abnormal situation sent to the user's mobile phone, and usually has a local alarm function.

Smart Cameras: Smart Cameras are rare visual devices for the entire Smart Home, and are very intuitive in terms of security. Through this type of equipment, users can view the situation at home and anywhere. At present, in addition to remote viewing, the smart camera also has an automatic cruise, two-way voice, multi-user sharing, infrared night vision, HD playback and other functions.

Smoke detectors: As the name suggests, smoke detectors are used to detect smoke concentration, if the concentration will exceed the local alarm, while the user phone to push information. However, with the introduction of multi-functional integrated design, smoke detectors began to multi-functional in one.

Smart socket: smart socket is a smart home in a basic equipment, as the connection between the power equipment and power supply role, can strengthen the security in two ways: First, have their own security mechanism, will not lead to electric shock; the second is to support remote Power failure, once the electrical equipment problems, users can promptly cut off the power through the smart phone to protect the appliance equipment.

Intelligent lighting control system refers to the use of computer technology and other means to implement automatic control of electric lighting to provide the right lighting environment while reducing the lighting system power consumption and other use costs. Intelligent lighting control system in the manual lighting control system has many advantages, including the creation of environmental atmosphere, improve the working environment, improve work efficiency, good energy saving effect, extend the life of light, easy management and maintenance.

The system mainly includes the following characteristics: wireless remote control, remote control, intelligent convenience, stable and reliable, cheap. Appliance intelligent control function through intelligent home control terminal, remote control, mobile phone, Internet, to achieve the infrared information appliances management and control. Can be individually controlled, can also be grouped, timing control, combined with lighting and electric curtains and other control, as part of the scene effect.

Intelligent lighting: the main realization of the entire living space of the intelligent control of lighting, you can use remote control and other intelligent control to achieve the living space lighting remote control on and off, dimming, full clearance and "guest, theater" And a variety of one-button lighting scene effect; and can be used to control the remote control, remote control of the computer and the Internet remote control and other control methods to achieve the function, so as to achieve intelligent lighting energy saving, environmental protection, comfort and convenience.

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