Smart Home Safe, Comfortable And Convenient

- Jul 17, 2017-

Speaking of smart home, its meaning is not just a smart product. Can be called smart home products must be a set of interoperable, free defined as a variety of intelligent scenes of intelligent systems. Like Bill Gates' smart mansion, smart home is a combination of sensors and controllers to form a set of interlocking intelligent systems that provide residents with a comfortable, healthy and convenient living environment.

Smart will eventually meet people's safety, comfort, convenience and green demand. Yabes think tank summary, smart home can bring us:

1, remote control. Wireless technology can be through mobile phones, tablet PCs and other terminal control equipment to achieve home automation, remote control lighting, household appliances, security equipment, environmental monitoring, health products, emergency assistance and other six functions.

2, scene control. Can be programmed into the "scene" to go, such as "home scene", just a button, automatically complete the door, turn on the lights, windows, open TV and a series of operations. Scene editing full user DIY, anytime, anywhere to achieve intelligence.

3, timing control. The "scene" to join the timing start mode, no manual participation, automatic operation. For example, set the working day 7:00 start "get up" scene, curtains slowly open, the music automatically sounded ...

4, wisdom linkage. All devices can join the linkage settings, the real wisdom of linkage. For example, when the detection of gas is exceeded, the robot automatically shut down the gas valve; when the temperature is higher than 28 degrees, automatically open the air conditioning; home at night, open the door lock, the light automatically lights up. and many more...

5, security precautions. Are you always worried when you are busy while the elderly and children are alone at home? Application of intelligent home products, can achieve remote video viewing, voice interaction, unexpected situation to send alarm information, truly "no matter where you are, home always around."

Objectively speaking, the two years of smart home in the development of a lot of bottlenecks encountered, facing the technical threshold is high, the manufacturers are not uniform standards, the cost of these three major challenges. So a considerable part of the energy into the two years of machine learning and artificial intelligence and other high-tech fields.

Intelligent product cost is high, landing difficult. Traditional industrial manufacturing to intelligent transformation involves research and development, operation, promotion and other issues, the real floor to the user's home, manufacturers to invest in the high cost.

At present, has been deeply involved in the construction of smart home Haier, Haier real estate construction housing supporting the construction of intelligent home system, but the system is simply intelligent control, did not achieve true wisdom, for example, smart door open , The curtains automatically shut down, the water heater automatically open, the lights automatically open, etc., and this supporting real estate will significantly increase the cost of purchase, buyers are not much matching.

In addition to the home appliance business into the smart home feel pessimistic, I am also very worried about the future of smart home, because there are too many unresolved problems:

Smart home equipment is generally wireless, Bluetooth and other means to connect, which means that a large number of electromagnetic waves frequently launched and received, which will undoubtedly increase the family of electromagnetic pollution, which will naturally affect people's health; Some people say that as long as the marked electromagnetic wave is It is not harmful to health, it is like saying that some brick home told us that genetically harmless to the body, but all this harm may be slow, unknown, unproven. In this regard, the same person argued that the same car will affect the monitoring, you also drive Gansha? The question remains in the last answer.

Everything has its two sides, as long as the positive effect is far greater than the negative effect, can be considered reasonable. It is like a drug three drug, sick but must take medicine, although the drug is toxic. Similarly, the emergence of vehicles, aircraft and other means of transport, greatly enhance the radius of the activities of people to improve the work and life efficiency, and ultimately led to the improvement of human quality of life, you can imagine from Beijing to Nanjing carriage to spend months How can the ancient people expect to have aircraft and high-speed rail?

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