The 21st INTERPLASTICA In Moscow 2018

- Jan 04, 2018-

Name: The 21st INTERPLASTICA of Russia

Date: Jan 23 - 26 ,2018

Location: Expocentr Moscow ,Russia

Period : Annual

Sponsors : Dusseldorf exhibition company 

INTERPLASTICA,sponsored by the prestigious Dusseldorf exhibition company in Germany, has been successfully held for 20 years by January 2017.Due to the full support of Russia federal government and the department of energy , the federal government education and science, the chemical industry association and Moscow municipal government , additionally the mature operations and profound market impact by Dusseldorf exhibition companies , INTERPLASTICA has become one of influential plastic industry exhibition in the commonwealth of independent states (CIS).

Exhibition scope:

Plastic and rubber industries: machinery and equipment processing, recycling machinery and equipment, processing machinery and equipment, processing machinery, decoration, decoration, printing and machinery & equipment, welding machine, mold, auxiliary equipment, measurement, control and test equipment, parts and components

Raw materials and accessories

Plastic and rubber products

Logistics: material handling of plastics and rubber industry

Plastics and rubber industry services

Closely related to plastics industry are architecture, automotive, consumer electronics and packaging, the Russian market is developing rapidly so that the demand for plastic raw materials & processing equipment maintain strong growth. In recent years, Russia and its neighboring countries establish the new plastic processing plants, and production capacity continue to strengthen.That is good news for plastic equipment and for plastic material suppliers. Germany, China and Italy ranked top three plastic machinery that entered Russia marktet, accounting for 23.6%, 12.6% and 9.2% respectively.According to VDMA (German machinery and manufacturers association), due to suppression on food imports, Russia domestic food industry attracts more and more investment, therefore, demand for plastic packaging products and equipment will continue to grow.

Over the same period at the EXPOCENTER in Moscow ,UPAK ITALIA is also sponsored by Dusseldorf exhibition company which is special for packaging, packaging machinery, logistics equipment etc.,it is important platform concentrated Russia manufacturing industry and traders , also for Russia and the commonwealth of independent states (cis) region to show the first-class machinery and equipments.

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