The 6th CPRJ 3C Electronic And Plastic Technology Forum & Exhibition

- Sep 27, 2020-

The 6th CPRJ 3C Electronic and Plastic Technology Forum & Exhibition

On September 17, the antibacterial technology and odor control solution expert better resistance to attended the sponsored by adsale group, Chinese journal of plastic and rubber (CPRJ) to undertake the sixth CPRJ 3 c electronic plastic technology BBS and show, in the form of a keynote speech and the booth at the scene with more than 350 professionals from consumer electronics and plastic industry to share in the 3 c electronic products used for the built-in antibacterial technology, the participating enterprises including lenovo, panasonic, blonde technology co., LTD., midea group, etc.

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standard, electronic products have become one of the most frequent objects in our life.

In addition to entertaining us, however, electronic gadgets also bring us far more bacteria than we ever imagined -- and they're even dirtier than toilet seats.

Based on the CBT Nuggets research report, you can see that there are 3.543 million CFU's on your keyboard, 1.6 million CFU's on your mobile phone, 1.37 million CFU's on your mouse and 810 CFU's on your tablet computer based on a unit of colony formation per square inch.

There are 172 CFU toilet seats, which are considered the worst areas for bacterial accumulation.

In addition, the common bacterial strains on 3C electronic products include gram-positive cocci, Gram-negative bacilli, Gram-positive bacilli and bacillus, which can cause skin infections, pneumonia, septicemia and other diseases and antibiotic resistance.

We often use a high concentration of alcohol to wipe and disinfect electronic products.

However, detergents such as alcohol can seep into the product and cause damage.

In addition, due to the rapid growth of microorganisms (doubling every 20 minutes without proper measures), the sustainable effects of detergents such as alcohol are very short lived, so the possibility of microbial regeneration is very high.

To this end, Miaokangbao can build antibacterial technology into the surface of 3C electronic products to provide long-term antibacterial protection and further provide antibacterial protection between two external cleaning.

Excellent resistance to protect polymer experts and Asia Pacific technical service engineer ms xiu-yun Chen at the scene of the technical BBS do the titled "using the built-in antibacterial technology to redefine the 3 c electronic products clean" keynote speech, detailed introduces the best insurance industry leading antimicrobial resistance technology is how to built in to the 3 c electronic products important component, and its significant advantages.

Miao kangbao's antibacterial technology can be easily incorporated into the manufacturing process of 3C electronic products as a master grain, powder or liquid, and become part of the product's molecular structure without being washed or worn out, she said.

When the microorganisms come into contact with the surface of the product, the anti-bacterial technology can penetrate the cell wall of the microorganisms and destroy them, making the microorganisms unable to grow and reproduce.

Myo anti-bacterial technology can be widely used in computers, mobile phones, tablets, headphones, remote controls, protective cases, and related accessories, to provide 24/7 continuous product protection, antibacterial effect in the expected life of the product up to 99.9%.

As one of the main driving forces of the antibacterial additive market in the Asia-Pacific region, THE 3C electronic product industry has always been one of the key development areas of Miao Kangbao.

With its industry-leading antibacterial technology, Miaokangbaohopes to continue to raise consumers' awareness of the cleanliness of 3C electronic products and let them enjoy a "clean" life after entertainment

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