The Cause Of Defects In Plastic Molds

- Oct 18, 2018-

At first, the type of mold steel used for molding may not be correct, so the critical mold steel requirements are reduced; the mold also needs to be processed by a specific nitriding process (for example, two mold halves of a mold need to be treated differently.) But did not proceed).

The mold is not properly maintained. When the mold is closed, it is in a bad condition or the design of the mold parting line is not good. For example, the water pipe and the exhaust pipe are blocked. There is no separate test setting work through the strict sequence operation of the equipment. When the ejector is too fast or too slow, the order in which the molds are opened is incorrect, or the breakage of the residual material during injection molding does not meet the requirements;

For example, the special requirements for injection molding materials are not well understood. For example, the requirements for processing materials are limited to pure new resin, or the first or second crushing materials can be used; no attention is paid to the variety requirements of various catalysts, such as hard Zinc citrate, other types of release agents, nucleating agents, UV absorbers, etc.; not even paying attention to the different special structures of processing equipment, such as screw structure, plastic head structure, non-standard ball type check ring The barrel structure specially designed for heat-sensitive materials that can be stagnant for a long time. These conditions are not in accordance with the strict drying, mixing and kneading process regulations.

If the above terms are not carefully evaluated before the plastic mold is moved, the chances of successfully installing the mold will be greatly reduced.

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