The Injection Mold Manufacturing Process Can Be Divided Into Five Steps

- Jul 10, 2019-

       Injection mold, as the name suggests, is a mold, here is an analogy, for example, we have to make a cup, is there a mold, or how do we go about specifying its size and style. The main aspect is that it can greatly reduce our labor costs and improve our work efficiency.

       The main passage is the passage between the machine nozzle and the inlet of the split passage, which is the passage through which the plastic first passes when entering the mold cavity. Its size is closely related to the plastic flow rate and the length of the filling time.


       Excessive cold air will cause too much cold material to be recovered, increased cooling time, and increased closed air. It is easy to generate bubbles and loose tissues, which are prone to eddy currents and insufficient cooling. When the flow diameter is too small, the heat loss is increased, the fluidity is lowered, and the injection pressure is increased, resulting in difficulty in molding. In general, the mainstream road will be made into a separate door pocket that will be inserted into the mother's template.


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       But some small molds will set the main channel directly on the main template instead of using the gate sleeve. The deformation, bending and deformation of the injection molded article are mainly due to the shrinkage in the flow direction being greater than the shrinkage in the vertical direction, resulting in warpage caused by different shrinkage in each direction, and warpage caused by inevitable residual internal stress during injection molding. These are all manifestations of deformation caused by high stress orientation.


Therefore, fundamentally, the mold design determines the tendency of the part to warp, so it is difficult to suppress this tendency by changing the molding conditions. The solution to the problem must begin with mold design and improvement.

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