The Precision Of Injection Molding Products

- Oct 19, 2018-

The accuracy of the injection molds we often refer to mainly refers to the working size and precision of the various parts of the parts after the forming of the mold and the surface quality of the forming surface. The original working dimensions (design and manufacturing dimensions) of the formed parts are generally based on the dimensions of the part design, taking into account various factors such as the shrinkage of the dimensions of the injection molded part after forming and the sufficient amount of wear on the surface after the forming of the mold. Calculate according to our common empirical formula. For the working dimensions of a typical mold, the manufacturing tolerances should be less than the dimensional tolerances of the part.

In addition to the above requirements of the blanking die, it is also necessary to consider the influence of the manufacturing tolerances of the respective working dimensions on the initial gap of the convex and concave die, that is, the sum of the manufacturing tolerances of the working dimensions of the male and female die is smaller than that of the convex and concave die. The difference between the maximum initial gap and the minimum initial gap. The surface quality of the mold forming surface shall be determined according to the surface quality requirements of the part and the performance requirements of the mold.

In order to ensure the precision of the guiding between the upper and lower molds of the injection molding mold or between the moving and fixed molds, the positioning accuracy of the blanks in the die also has a great influence on the quality of the parts. They are also the main measure of the precision of the mold manufacturing level. The most important indicator. In addition, in order to ensure the accuracy of the mold, attention should also be paid to the shape accuracy, flatness, straightness, cylindricity and other shape accuracy of the part-related surface and positional errors such as parallelism, verticality, coaxiality, and various parts and parts after the mold assembly. Positional errors such as parallelism, perpendicularity, and concentricity.

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