The Sustainable Development Of Plastic Mold In Automobile Industry

- Jun 29, 2017-

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China's plastics industry (rotomoulding products) is a plastic processing as the core of the plastic synthetic resin, additives and additives and plastic processing machinery and mold as a whole "Chaoyang industry." Industrial scale is expanding, product output increased year by year, the main economic and technical indicators increased significantly, the industry continues to grow and develop, is to achieve the plastic and mold industry from the big country to the country's sustainable development of the road forward.


Sustainable development of automotive plastics


Plastic (rotomolding) is the modern economic development, especially in the application of the car can be achieved "reduction, re-use, resource-based important material, its processing is pollution-free emissions, low consumption, high efficiency process, Most of the plastic can be recycled after use, is a typical resource-saving environment-friendly materials.According to the International Association of mold and plastic suppliers Luo Baihui introduction, the Chinese auto industry as an important pillar industry of the national economy, The production of auto parts from the original plastic, auxiliary materials, production equipment, processing equipment and the overall level of technology, plastic products research and development and application of the depth and breadth have entered the ranks of the world's advanced countries, since the twenty-first century has been made So that the achievements of the world, to achieve a historic leap, especially after the introduction of the automotive industry planning a lot of high-quality plastic auto parts, automotive plastics development prospects.

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