Common forms of gate type in plastic molds

- Jul 16, 2019-

1. pin point gate

   (1).structural form

   (2).The role of the arc ruler: increase the cross-sectional area at the gate inlet and cut off the cooling rate of the small melt, which is conducive to feeding.

   (3). A multi-cavity mold uses a pin-point gate in the form of (C).

   (4).When the plastic parts are large, feed them at multiple points.

   (5).When the melt flow path gate is affected by the shear rate, the height orientation of the molecules is caused, the local stress is increased, and the crack is increased, and the wall thickness of the gate is increased and the arc transitions.

   (6). mold with three plates (double split surface)

2. latent gate( Also known as tunnel gate )

    The feeding part is selected in the concealed part of the product so as not to affect the appearance of the product. When the top is out, the flow path and the plastic part are automatically separated, so a large ejection force is required, so that it is not suitable for the latent pouring for the excessively strong plastic.

3. Side gate ( Also known as the edge gate)

    Generally open on the parting surface, feeding from the plastic side image, the shape is long or short or close to short.

4. Direct gate ( Also known as the center gate or the main channel gate )


    (1) Large size and long condensation time.

    (2) The pressure acts directly on the part and is prone to line residual stress.

    (3) Removal of gate aggregates is more difficult.

    (4) The flow resistance is small, the feeding speed is fast, and it can be used for large long-flow single-cavity products, which can be better compensated.

 5. Circular gate

     For plastic parts with a circular shape or a hole in the middle.


  Gate type:


gate type

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