What Are The Reasons For The Uneven Color Of The Injection Molding Process

- Oct 29, 2018-

In the process of injection molding, in order to make the plastic parts have more abundant colors, we will add appropriate amount of coloring materials to the raw materials. However, for one reason or another, color unevenness will occur. So, what are the reasons for the uneven color of the injection molding process?

1.The colorant is poorly diffused, which often causes a pattern to appear near the gate.

2.plastic or coloring agent has poor thermal stability. To stabilize the color tone of the part, it is necessary to strictly fix the production conditions, especially the material temperature, the amount of material and the production cycle.

3.For crystalline plastics, try to make the cooling speed of each part of the parts consistent. For parts with large difference in wall thickness, coloring agent can be used to mask the chromatic aberration. For the parts with uniform wall thickness, the temperature and mold temperature should be fixed.

4.The shape of the part and the form of the gate have an influence on the filling condition of the plastic, which causes chromatic aberration in some parts of the part and needs to be modified if necessary.

We are in the process of injection molding. If you can control the above four points well, you can control the color of the plastic well, greatly reducing the chance of chromatic aberration.

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