What Is A Hot Runner Plastic Mold

- Oct 22, 2018-

The mold should be changed to a hot runner mold, because the original mold is a fine nozzle feed, and now the hot runner is used, the mold should be raised overall, and the upper mold should be added with a template. The guide post screws must be lengthened. The cost will also increase. General Yang said that there is no way. Because the output of the product should be increased, the number of molds will increase in the future. Hot runners must be used.

The hot runner is mainly composed of four parts: hot runner plate, nozzle, temperature controller and auxiliary parts.

Advantages of hot runners: The use of hot runners can effectively reduce scrap and reduce injection costs. The temperature controller can effectively control the temperature of the plastic solution at the time of injection molding, and eliminate some subsequent processes of the injection molding product, which is beneficial to the automatic production of the mold.

Disadvantages of hot runners: The cost of using hot runner molds has also increased. Equipment requirements for injection molding have also increased. The installation and operation of the mold is more complicated.

The use of hot runners has both advantages and disadvantages. How to use it depends on the surface requirements and quantity of injection molding products.

Nowadays, more and more molds for hot runners are used in China, which is an inevitable trend.

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