What's The Difference Between Stamping Die And Plastic Injection Mold

- Dec 27, 2018-

Many people may not know clearly, think that metal stamping dies are made of hardware, plastic mold processing dies are made of plastic, I will explain the difference between metal stamping dies and plastic mold processing dies.

The essential difference between metal stamping die and plastic die processing die:

First of all: metal stamping die

In industrial production, various kinds of presses and special tools mounted on the press are used to make metal parts into parts or products of the desired shape by pressure. This special tool is collectively called metal stamping die, and the processed product is hardware. Stamping.

Plastic mold processing mold is a combined plastic mold for compression molding, extrusion molding, injection molding, blow molding and low foam molding. The utility model mainly comprises a concave mold with a variable cavity composed of a die combination substrate, a die assembly and a die combination card, and the punch combination substrate, the punch assembly, the punch combination card, the cavity cutting component And a punch having a variable core composed of a side cut composite plate. Coordinated changes in the mold convex, concave and auxiliary forming systems. It can process series of plastic parts of different shapes and sizes.

The most essential difference between them is the hardware products in the metal stamping die, and the plastic products in the plastic mold.

From the structure of the mold:

The plastic mold has a cooling system, but the metal mold does not.

From the function of the mold:

The metal mold is a mass production tool for metal products. The materials used are generally iron or copper materials or aluminum materials. The plastic molds are made of plastic products, and the raw materials used are also plastic raw materials.

From the principle of molding of the product:

The plastic mold is cooled and formed after injection molding, and the metal stamping mold is a cold-formed forming of steel plate of standard thickness.

Metal stamping die has the following advantages

1: The dimensional accuracy of the stamping parts is guaranteed by the mold, and has the same characteristics, so the quality is stable and the interchangeability is good.

2: Since it is processed by a mold, it is possible to obtain a part that is thin or light, has good rigidity, high surface quality, and complicated shape, which is impossible or difficult to manufacture by other processing methods.

3: For ordinary presses, it can produce dozens of pieces per minute, while high-speed presses can produce hundreds of thousands of pieces per minute. So it is a highly efficient processing method.

Plastic mold processing mold has the following advantages

1: High tolerances can be repeated.

2: A wide range of materials can be used.

3: Low labor costs.

4: The least waste loss.

5: No need to continue to improve the parts after molding.

Different molds have different advantages and performances, of course, more are based on processed products.

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