What Should Be Paid Attention To In Safe Production In Injection Molding?

- Apr 16, 2019-


        In the process of machining production, some safety problems arise due to the equipment itself or the operation error. For the mold processing, due to the strong, high speed, high temperature and high pressure of the equipment, it is easy to cause danger during the operation. Today, Welkaert Mould Factory will introduce in detail what problems need to be paid attention to in safe production during injection molding.


General rules for safe production in injection molding workshops


1. When the equipment is in normal operation, except for the safety door and control panel of the injection molding machine, the operator is prohibited from touching other positions of the equipment.


2. When the processing device is abnormal, you need to wait for the device to stop.


3. Establish a special person responsibility system. For operators who have not been trained in equipment safety, they will be disqualified from operation; equipment failure repairs will be carried out by designated personnel in the workshop, and non-designated personnel may not perform maintenance on the equipment.


4. Operate in accordance with the operating procedures, maintain the equipment with care, keep the working environment clean and tidy, and achieve civilized production.


5. Strictly implement the process and operation specifications, make all the records, and the handover class should be determined according to the safety situation.


6, the safety equipment of all types of equipment is fully equipped, if the damage needs timely warranty, and after the repair is successful.


7. Correctly analyze, judge and deal with equipment failures and do accident prevention. If a failure occurs, it should be handled decisively and reported to the superior, protect the site, and make a record.

Injection molding machine safety production instructions


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