Transparent Plastic Mask

Transparent Plastic Mask

tansparent plastic mask. Trait:1.No fog is generated inside and outside of the suit your face line.3. it can be remain clear view when wear it.

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transparent plastic mask

To be safe, many restaurants have started to adopt hygiene measures to reassure customers, and masks are one way. At the very least, masks can block invisible bacteria, saliva and so on, giving health-conscious diners some comfort.But masks have their own problems. In today's world of "smile service", a piece of non-woven cloth directly covers one side of the face, exposing only the eyes. Even if the smile is very sweet, people will feel uncomfortable. 

In the restaurant after using the transparent mask, the waiters still smile and greet each other, but on closer inspection, they all have a transparent half-moon shaped plastic sheet on their face, which replaces the traditional white mask.His biggest advantage is that he allows the staff to smile and communicate better with the guests.

In fact, it's not just the catering industry. Transparent masks can also be used in hospitals, supermarkets, beauty services, etc., to make service personnel smile more and make contact safer.

Below is good trait of transparent mask:

· Beautiful appearance, fashion, light weight, comfortable and convenient wear, anti-wear and anti-static.

· A certain gap with the face can eliminate the feeling of heat and avoid secondary pollution caused by exudates from the mouth and nose.

· Speak and communicate freely, and won't be embarrassed by bad breath, which increases confidence.

· Non-disposable masks, which can be cleaned and wiped at any time before repeated use, are economical, practical, environmental friendly and low-carbon.

· It can effectively block all kinds of harmful bacteria that can't be seen by the naked eye and the droplets (foreign bodies) that may come out unconsciously during speech and communication, so as to avoid bringing unpleasant feelings to customers.

· Facial expressions can be seen through the transparent mask, which does not block or erase women's makeup, increasing confidence and showing politeness and respect to customers.

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